Included East Africa | Wumweri Land Rights
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Wumweri Land Rights

Wumeri Ghodu

Wumweri Ghodu

Wumweri Ghodu is a community based organization in Taita Taveta County, Coast region, Kenya. The organization presumed a champion on land rights, fosters natural resources rights to local communities, as a basis for development and sustainable environment management.

The initiative advocates and promotes the principle of delicate balance on customary and or indigenous knowledge and interests towards ownership and management of natural resources for improved socio-economic development, empowerment and transformation of local communities and rural economies.

The ultimate object for Wumweri Ghodu is improved wellbeing of local communities and localities borne of their participation and involvement in prudent governance and management of  the enormous natural resources that comprise of; wildlife, forests, rangelands, ornamental and industrial minerals, mountains, hills and rocks, surface and sub-surface rivers, springs, conventional and crater lakes, marsh lands, sunshine and strong wind pathways, among others, vested within their lands.

Paradoxically, despite the immense natural resources wealth, the local residents remain poor and alienated on access to and ownership of land. In fact, statistically, over 62% of the County land is occupied by Tsavo West and Tsavo East, 24% by estates and plantations of range lands, and over 11% is held by local communities for rural economies. Therefore, the initiative works with resident communities, localities and key partners to pursue and secure the principle of delicate balance on interests and improve the welfare of the local impoverished communities.

Wumweri Ghodu

  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Sensitization and Awareness Creation
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Research, Learning and Sharing
  • Collaborations and Partnership


Community Land Rights, the organization promotes local communities interest on community lands involving over a million of hectares of forests, rangelands, shrines and other communal lands held collectively by communities, a phenomena affecting thousands of people in the county, millions of people in coast region and Kenya at large, and over three (3) billion rural dwellers worldwide who in totality hold billions of hectares of land.
Mitigations on human wildlife conflicts:-


  • National and County Government Agencies
  • Kenya Lands Alliance
  • Civil Society Reference Group
  • Taita-Taveta Civil Society Network