Included East Africa | WHAT
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What we do is;

  1. Governance. Decisions, choices and actions informs governance. People are the drivers of governance and people are at the center of governance. Governance aims to protect, promote and preserve the wellbeing of the people. We tirelessly fosters to enhance the spread of knowledge and practices of good governance to the catchment institutions, communities and localities.
  2. Peace Development and Management. Long is gone when peace denoted to absence of violence and war. Now we know there is more to peace and peace is both positive and negative. So, how a community defines peace; determines how it behaves to maintain peace. Our pride is to share the new knowledge and skills, including practices, necessary to sustainably develop and implement positive peace.
  3. Social Welfare and Livelihoods. Social welfare and livelihoods enhancement are very effective anti-poverty tools, especially to vulnerable groups in arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL) of Kenya and East Africa region. We endeavor to support efforts that enhance the development and implementation of improved welfare of children, adolescents, youth and women, among other vulnerable groups, of underprivileged backgrounds within the catchment communities.
  4. Climate Smart Sustainable Natural Resources Management. Climate Change is real and is here. Individuals and Communities need to be Smart to adapt and wisely manage the natural resources within their catchment areas. Collaboratively, we puts actions to ensure that vulnerable populations are given the tools necessary to embrace climate smart knowledge and skills for sustainable natural resources management and adapt climate change. Key among our tools is to ensure that the right frameworks and policies needed to support knowledge, skills and practices are developed at decision making levels and implemented at the respective centers of action.
  5. Emergent Issues. Kenya, the East Africa region and Africa at large, is facing critical dilemmas in the mobilization, development and implementation of productive resources to curb threats and satisfy her needs. Adolescents and youths are central to essential dialogues aimed to vent, create and implement necessary strategies to extinguish threats and build prosperity. IEA innovatively initiates and implements such dialogues.