Included East Africa | Team
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As a team, IEA prides on:

  • The right attitude
  • Abundant innovative ideas
  • A wide practical experience
  • Passion to continuously formulate tailor made interventions

John Robert Mwaiseghe:


Mwaiseghe, as popularly known, is an agent for change and passionate on transformative leadership anchored within the principles of good governance. He believes that communities and nations can, and should, be molded on structures with systems that of which are responsive, inclusive and guarantee respect for the rights of each individual within establishments of social order. With a Master Degree in Armed conflict and Peace from University of Nairobi – Kenya, Mwaiseghe, is compassionate about the continual human suffering, especially in East Africa and Africa in general, despite the abundance of productive resources within the sub-region, the continent and world all over.

He believes that building inclusive communities is the way to go. He observes and warns that the perennial civil disorder, including conflicts and other emergent threats, being witnessed within establishments of social orders are just but mostly products of unresponsive; attitudes, acts and practices, and systems of social orders and or State Authorities to the needs of the individuals, communities and the constituents or generally, the people. So, though civil disorder, including conflicts and other emergent threats, if not properly handled, may and can result into destructive outcomes, but when well and positively harnessed, they do build stronger and responsive establishments of social orders with their emergent communities experiencing better quality of life and peace.

Mwaiseghe brings along diverse expertise and experience in the areas of peace development and security management, human rights, research, and leadership. Besides that, he has hands on skills and training in reproductive health, drugs abuse, education and lifelong learning, and, general aspects of environmental management, including climate change and natural resource conservation and preservation. He has done consultancy for and worked with Kenya government agencies, public benefits organizations and the United Nations. Some of the entities do include: United Nations, Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Family Healthy International (FHI) 360, and National Authority in the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) among other local and international organizations.