Included East Africa | Stories
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Episodes of Engagements

The vast experience and networks of the group has enabled Included East Africa to serve a wide range of clientele varying from private, government agencies and public benefit organization of both local and international nature. Included East Africa rebranded from Soft Power Interlink (SPI) in 2016 as part of reorienting its services to better serve its clientele and its catchment Communities. And since 2011 the entity, before and after rebranding, has ventured in a number of activities with a diverse clientele and likeminded organizations. Among others, they have worked with the following clients and organizations for the purposes of fostering their mission and philosophy:

Kenya Hope Foundation: - Peace Forums: community mobilization; situation analysis; research; seminar thematic talks.

Kenya Government Agencies: - Strategy for counter-radicalization and de-radicalization

Kenya Civil Society: - Kenya Upya: An initiative to advocate for change of values and practices by the general public, especially after the enactment of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, in order to build the envisioned nation

East Africa Civil Society: - Friends of South Sudan in East Africa: A lobby group to better the IGAD- Led peace process for the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan in 2015.