Included East Africa | Mission+Vision+Value
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Our Philosophy

Inclusive communities are at the heart of sustainable development and they embed the principles behind the need to experience quality life and realize total wellbeing of individuals and their communities or nations. Ultimately, inclusive communities’ project the collective desire of prosperity intended by the totality of our cumulative day to day pursuits, hence, any form of threat to the goal therein; produce conflict which is just but other means to actualize the original desire.



Inclusivity should not just be aspired for; it should be underpinned in all our cumulative day to day pursuits and desires for the prosperity of communities, nation states and the management of the environment.   



Innovatively offer timely services and products that enhance inclusivity and deliver improved wellbeing to our catchment communities and environment.    



Inspire generation and uptake of innovative services and products that enhance inclusivity in all efforts of building sustainable communities and environments within East Africa.



Integrity: A priceless commitment to exhibit and practice, that of which; we believe in, stand for and advocate.

Service: The totality of our collective efforts is cumulatively aimed at empowering individuals and communities to sustainably realize inclusive communities.

Responsibility: We jealously guard and take control of our individual actions to collectively maximize the power of influence towards building inclusive communities within our catchment area and beyond.

Cooperation: We know the pursuit for building inclusive communities is not a one man show; hence, we endeavor to work with individual, groups and networks of similar interest to collectively increase the power of social change


Our Motto: Moving Together to 2030 and Beyond