Included East Africa | Collaboration
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Included EA assists Private and Public Benefit Organizations through bilateral and multilateral linkages of North to South, South to South and other forms of international cooperation for purposes of developing and sustaining partnerships for building productive collaborations and inclusive societies.
Partnership Areas:-

Watu Wetu (Our People)

Mazingira Yetu (Our Environment)

Ufanisi Wetu (Our Prosperity)

  • (Alternative) Livelihood Support and Strengthening
  • Improved Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition
  • Quality Education and Improved Life-long Learning
  • Quality Human Lives and Family Health Services
  • Innovative Housing and Sustainable Resilient Settlements

  • Sustainable Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Protection, Conservation and Restoration
  • Climate Change Awareness, Mitigation and Adaptation

  • Peaceful and Secure Communities
  • Inclusive and Sustained Productive Capacities
  • Strengthened and Sustained Trade Opportunities
  • Other Areas of Partnership